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CK9015-10X15 (1X600 6" X4" PRINTS/BOX)

Media for CP9500DW-S and CP9550DW-S Mitsubishi system printers

Mitsubishi CK9015 4x6" (10x15cm) Paper and Ribbon Ink Media Kit for use with the Red-Fronted CP-9500DW-S / CP-9550DW-S / CP-9800DW-S / CP-9820DW-S and MAP1015 Series Dye Sub Photo printers. 

  • Compatible Printers: CP9500DWS / CP9550DWS / CP9800DWS / CP9820DWS and MAP1015 
  • Contents: One Paper Roll and Ribbon 
  • Capacity: 600 Prints per Roll

IMPORTANT: This media will not work with the Grey-Fronted CP-9500DW / CP-9550DW / CP-9800DW / CP-9810DW models, please refer to CK9046 media pack instead. 


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