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SMART KIOSKGIFTS TOP SET UNIT with printer CP-D70DW-S included
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SMART KIOSKGIFTS TOP SET UNIT with printer CP-D70DW-S included

The Mitsubishi Smart KioskGifts Plus is one of the latest kiosk to be released by Mitsubishi.The Smart Kiosk allows retail stores to have the benefits of a full retail solution without the need to take up vast amounts of space. The Smart Kiosk is a low cost retail solution which is perfect for offering customers the opportunity to print their photos. The system also has intergrated ID software which will allow you to offer customers Passport & ID photos.

The Kiosk comes with the following:

  • Smart terminal with full software
  • Mitsubishi CP-D70DW-S Photo Printer
  • Multi card reader
  • Photo Cables for a variety of Smart Phones

The Intergrated retail software will allow customers to purchase prints along with Mitsubishi’s Easy Gifts which consist of Albums, Calendars and Greeting Cards.

Smart KioskGifts Plus offers different types of prints for photogifts, which is the ideal solution to allow shops to meet the needs of their customers:

EasyGifts Albums: Photo Albums of different sizes (10×15, 15×15, 13 x18, 15×20)

EasyGifts Calendars: Personalised Calendars

EasyGifts Cards: Greeting cards

EasyGifts Box: Gift boxes personalised with your photo.

Printing of photo sizes 10×15, 15×15, 13 x18, 15×20

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